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FROSTFILM is an innovative production service company based in Reykjavik Iceland that specializes in TV programs, feature films, photo shoots, documentaries, & music videos.

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FROSTFILM offers the best of a boutique company with the talent and support you might expect from any top-tier production services company. Based in Reykjavik Iceland, with production assistance in neighboring Greenland, the passionate team at FROSTFILM provides their clients with insider’s access to one-of-a-kind locations for all your filming needs.

Specializing in commercials, feature films, TV programs, photo shoots, documentaries and music videos, and with more than 20 years of industry-leading experience, you can rest assured there is no assignment too big – or too small – for this ambitious, enthusiastic and truly talented team to take on. 

Frostfilm Iceland is part of the Global Production Network. GPN partners with leading service companies around the world, one company in each country.

For a trusted services partner who knows how to lead the way, FROSTFILM it is... 

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As close colleagues for over 13 years prior to starting FROSTFILM, Tanja and Rafnar have worked with some of the world’s leading production companies and brands as well as many renowned directors, A-List actors and top photographers, including: Darren Aronofsky, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Emma Watson, Annie Leibovitz and more. 

Knowing Iceland like the back of their hands, they can find a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your next project: black beaches, frozen lakes, ominous glaciers or locations covered with snow in June. Iceland offers breathtaking and accessible landscapes of all kinds, long daylight hours during summer and a variety of locations within a short travel distance from Reykjavik.

Dynamic. Capable. Determined. Get the job done right with Tanja and Rafnar, FROSTFILM’s truly experienced team who are excited to take on new challenges and ready to exceed your expectations.

Let FROSTFILM help you discover all that you imagined (and more) can be found in Iceland.


Rafnar Hermannsson

Producer / Partner

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Tanja B. Hallvardsdottir

Producer / Partner

+354 699 8764


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